The Nexus Difference

Knowing the right thing to do with your refrigeration system can be a difficult task. It seems that everyone from contractors to vendors has a different opinion about what’s right. So where can you turn to find a trusted partner whose only priority is helping your plant run its very best, while staying compliant and safe? Nexus Refrigeration.

At Nexus, our expertise in refrigeration design and troubleshooting, coupled with years of successfully navigating the complex world of process safety management, allows us to help you make those tough decisions. We can analyze your system from multiple viewpoints because at Nexus PSM and engineering are not separate, but rather fully integrated. It’s this unique lens that allows us to help you make the best possible choices for your facility. Give us a call, you will be glad you did.


Current Clients
& Past Experience

Whether you’re a large multinational brand or a small single facility, Nexus Refrigeration can meet your needs. We specialize in central refrigeration systems and primarily ammonia. Our experience is across the full spectrum of food production, cold storage, and distribution. Chances are we have been in a facility just like yours, and we know how to help.